Create a kitchen charging station without the clutter! 

How does invisible wireless charging for kitchen countertops work? 

Installing a kitchen countertop wireless charger is now safer and easier thanks to the UTS-1 invisible wireless charger. Our chargers are secured with double sided tape to any non-metallic kitchen surfaces and transmit power through the material to your phone. 


What makes Kew Labs the market leading solution? 
  • Previous wireless chargers for countertops required being installed at a 2mm thickness to work making it both risky and difficult for fabricators to install.
  • Other long distance wireless chargers for kitchen countertops lack the correct safety and long distance communication technology required for effective wireless charging. Learn about how our patented IPC™ technology solves these problems.
  • Other chargers are not optimised for Apple’s new MagSafe standard like UTS-1. 
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How do I choose a wireless charger for my kitchen? 

The UTS-1 comes in 2 distance versions (thick/thin) depending on the thickness of your countertop.


If you are remodelling:

For universal compatibility with all phones and the best charging performance we advise choosing our ‘Thin’ version and working with your kitchen provider to ensure the countertop is prepared to the correct depth. Share the installation drawing above. 


If you are retrofitting:

If you are unable to adjust the thickness of the countertop to the Thin specification – Follow our standard method to choose between Thick/Thin depending on your phone models and your current countertop thickness.


Note: Our chargers are not designed to work beyond 1″ (25mm) and iPhones 12/13 with MagSafe will have limited compatibility beyond 0.8″ (20mm) with our Thick versions.


Put us in touch with your fabricator:

if you’re unsure, don’t worry! Wireless Charging for Kitchen countertops doesn’t need to be complicated. Kew Labs is happy to work directly with your kitchen or countertop fabricator to ensure you get the correct charger and installation.


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Quartz kitchen Island with double wireless charging installation

Porcelain kitchen island invisible wireless charging installation

Architects & Designers FAQ and Specs

Wireless Charger Certifications:


Adapter Certifications:


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What else can the UTS-1 do? 

Build daisy chains to charge multiple devices

Tired to fighting over the kitchen charger?

Connect up to 2 chargers in a daisy chain using one adapter.

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Charge Your AirPods

or Samsung Buds

When your AirPods are sitting on the table doing nothing… why not charge them as well? 

Compatible with wireless charging enabled AirPods (Gen 2,3, AirPods Pro). UTS-1 Thin recommended for best AirPods charging performance. Accessories are chargable up to 0.8″ (20mm) 

See UTS-1 Thin Version
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