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Invisible Wireless Charging for Office Furniture

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Designing office furniture with wireless charging has never been safer and more reliable.


Previous generations of wireless chargers for office furniture not only struggle with the changing demands of new technology like MagSafe but were also risky to install due the need to route surfaces down to wafer thin thicknesses. The UTS-1 and it’s IPC™ technology was created to change the way designers approach wireless charging for office furniture by greatly reducing installation risk whilst ensuring universal compatibility with the latest mobile phones in the market.

Case Study – LUX by Dfm Furniture x Kew Labs

“Never has luxury been to wired”  featuring UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger 

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Dfm crafts award winning, architecturally driven, client focused workspace furniture that innovates and inspires. They are partners with the best in the business to make the office a place of belonging and purpose.


When they begun their plans for the ultimate executive and connected desk, wireless charging was a feature they were keen to add. After testing other office furniture wireless charging options in the market they settled on Kew Lab’s UTS-1  due to both it’s safe and reliable performance and superior communication technology, build quality and technical support. The result was the LUX table. 


In their own words “LUX is contract furniture at its highest form. A maximalist approach to desking and conferencing. The most elegant materials, the sinuous curves, the glisten of metal, docking, adjusting and charging means function has never been compromised for form, and vice versa. The balance of power as furniture.”

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Case Study – One Nevada Credit Union Boardroom

SE94397 logo orig 1400x270
IMG 37051 min 1067x800
IMG 0109 min 1200x800
IMG 0065 min 1200x800

Nevada One Credit Union were redoing their boardroom and wanted to add function but discrete wireless charging for their office furniture. 10 invisible wireless chargers were installed using 5 daisy chained units to save on plug usage and routed in to a depth of 10mm (0.39″) for universal compatibility with MagSafe iPhones and the best invisible wireless charging possible.

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