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Invisible Wireless Charging for Bars & Hospitality

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Take your bar or cafe wireless!

There’s never been a better time to start integrating wireless charging for bars and hospitality business. With virtually all new phones in the market now containing the ability to be wirelessly charged installing our subtle and powerful chargers at your countertops or bars offers your patrons an easily accessible solution without crawling around on hands and knees for an outlet!

Why go wireless?

More Revenue

Customers charging their phones stay longer and likely spend more


Cleaner Design

Who wants wires all over their bars and booths?

Contactless Service

Integrate QR code into our position pads for ‘contactless’ table service

Case Study – Broken Compass Brewery – Colorado w/ 10x UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Chargers

Broken Compass Brewery were putting in a huge new bar into their brewery to expand seating as their growth continues to a second site. Jason contacted Kew Labs on how to install 10 wireless chargers throughout the countertop to make sure his bar looks awesome without wires cluttering his mountain views. 


The new bar top was roughly 2.5″ thick so had to milled down to our 1/2″ for the UTS-1 ‘thin’ version to work perfectly. 5 daisy chain wireless chargers installed to create a 10 charger station. For the charging icons, they followed the in-table burnt design of their main logo with incredible lighting bolts burnt into the tops. Check out the video for the full experience! 

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Case Study – Border Brew Co Bar – Kansas City w/ 10x UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Chargers

When Border Brew CO were re-designing their bar and brewery, they wanted to add some subtle modern touches without losing their rustic and woody feel that their customers knew them for. They wanted their regulars and the wider community to both recognise the new bar as well as be blown away by the renovation.


Adding invisible wireless chargers to the 10ft bar was a great opportunity to test that philosophy out. 


In their own words: “we ended up doing maroon “dots” to mark the charging points, I wanted to be subtle about it and so far people have been really enjoying them! The fact that people don’t see them right away makes it fun for us to start a conversation around it and get a “wow!” factor from our customers.” – Eric Martins, Border Brew Co Founder


Kew Labs worked with Border brew and their table designers to ensure the best setup was achieve. The result was 5 daisy chained UTS-1 chargers to make a 10 charger setup across the bar. The ‘thin’ version chargers were routed in at a 1/2″ depth. 

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