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Invisible Wireless Charging Bedside Table

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Say good bye to bedside clutter with a Kew Labs wireless charging bedside table.


Compatible with all non-metallic surfaces, the UTS-1 can be included in almost any style of bedside furniture to rid your bedroom of one less wire in the pursuit of a peaceful and organised space to rest and recharge. 


Share our drawings and charger links to your builder, fabricator or rennovator to start a design with our chargers, or if you’re a DIY’er take on the challenge yourself! See our blog piece here to read Alan’s guide on how to make a wireless charging bedside table! 

A pair of dark wood wireless charging bedside tables by Daniel P.


White resin epoxy used to mark the charging spots on these beautiful wireless charging bedside tables. the underside of the top panel were carefully routed to accommodate the UTS-1 Wireless Chargers. 

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Advised routing installation method for all countertops, surfaces to ensure best results and compatibility 

Apollo Road Studios – Custom bedside tables with Kew Labs daisy chained wireless chargers.

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All white power station bedside table with Wireless Charging and mains power.

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