What is exercise to music?


Exercising to music has never been so popular. After all, there is a HUGE amount of opportunity to download songs from various platforms onto portable and mobile devices.

Whether it is iTunes, Spotify or another web platform you use, we are lucky nowadays to have music at our fingertips. We can download our favourite tunes at the click of a button.


And with so many portable devices out there, who isn’t downloading tunes from their PC or laptop onto their mobile phones and iPods?


Fitness instructors everywhere download tracks and albums for their exercise classes. There are even Exercise to Music Courses available to teach instructors how to make the most of sound when getting people moving.


It is the process of exercising to tunes, to enhance enjoyment and fun! Most commonly, exercise to music will be amongst a group class. After all, for those that find fitness classes a little bit dull or others who hit the gym but need a bit of sound to get them pumping, sound unleashes an active side to people that they never knew they had! It heightens the endorphins released from exercise.


Even seasoned athletes may find some benefit to putting on some motivating tunes to get them in the mood for intense or endurance training. According to a survey from Runners World, 75% of joggers find it beneficial to listen to music while jogging (The Independent).


In fact, the most efficient runners tend to run with a stride turnover of about 180 steps per minute and, even better, songs with 180 beats per minute can help them maintain that pace.


Running to a beat faster than 180 BPM? Well, that’s where we call the “danger” zone, enter if you dare…

How does music affect exercise?

Songs can make exercise more fun! It can also provide a beat to exercise to.


Is exercising to music good?

While for some, exercising to music disassociates them too much with what they’re doing and they’d prefer to exercise without it  for optimal effort, others who want a fun exercise class or would like a bit of a distraction, music can be the motivation to get going!


“Get moving to music”

And the latest piece of equipment to get clients moving? The K1 speaker of course! A portable speaker that is loud enough to fire up a whole sports hall, the K1 speaker is the perfect means of getting people exercising to music.


“Fire up a whole sports hall with the K1 Speaker”


What can I use a Bluetooth speaker for?

Use your K1 Speaker for the following exercise regimes and gain fitness as you listen to your favourite tracks:


  •       Running on the treadmill
  •       Gym work- Cardio and strength
  •       Group exercise classes: Aerobics, Circuits, Ab work, Body Pump, Aqua Aerobics, Body Combat, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Army PT, Step and more…
  •       Outdoor exercises
  •       Dance
  •       Walking
  •       Working out at home
  •       Land exercises before swimming

Top 10 songs for exercise classes


Don’t worry we won’t mention The Eye of The Tiger!  Perhaps just Roar by Katie Perry.


Just kidding.


Here are the Top 10 songs for exercise classes from the sound gurus ar Kew Labs:


1.Beggin (Madcon)
  1. Trumpets (Jason Derulo)
  2. If I Lose Myself (OneRepublic)
  3. Gonna make you sweat (C+C music factory)
  1. Sail (Awolnation)
  2. Timber (feat. Ke$ha) Timber
  3. Titanium (feat. Sia) (David Guetta)
  4. Toca Toca (Radio Edit) – Fly Project
  1. 212 (Azelia Banks)
  2. Work It (Missy Elliot)

Get your sweat on with the K1

Order from Amazon or contact us at Kew Labs to find out more.









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