Architects & Designers FAQ and Specs

uts-1 wireless charger installation guide

Check list before installation


  • If you have a phone case please ensure it is flat and does not contain any metal, centrally located magnets, card holders, pop sockets, kickstands
  • Ensure the surface under your table is flat 
  • Prepare a pencil and screwdriver if needed 
  • Check installation area is within 1.5m (4′ 11″) of your power point 


INstalling the UTS-1 and Calibration setup

UTS-1 Thin 5 min setup and calibration (0.5″ 12mm thick surfaces)

Typical Kitchen stone countertop installation with routing required on surfaces thicker than 12mm

For easier surface alignment, our Alignment tool featuring LED lights is now available to purchase

Daisy Chain Setup

Connecting two chargers together