Kew Labs Tech are excited to introduce our brand new True Wireless Earbuds!


The earbuds use the 5.0 version of Bluetooth and therefore offer the technology at the top of its game.


Compatible with iPhone8 and onwards, the Bluetooth advancements of the 5.0 in comparison to the 4.2 are hugely advantageous.


Think better battery life and a faster speed of connectivity.


The range is better too, in fact, it’s double the 10m of version 4.2.

Here are the earbuds key specs:


  1. Connectivity


Bluetooth 5.0 offers a functional range of 20 meters easily, it also offers a faster connection.


  1. More Bass


Our earbud drivers are 8mm in size (2mm bigger than most drivers on the market!). This means a louder sound and more bass. Perfect for popular music and other tunes. Not recommended for classical or jazz.


  1. Longer Playtime Battery Life


Our earbuds offer about 45% more playtime than other earbuds on the market. This is because our earbuds have 65mah battery, while most earbuds have 45 mah battery.


They, therefore, have a play time of 5-6 hours.


  1.  Functional Design


     a) The earbuds feature a carry cord



Gone are the days of losing your earphones in the bottom of your bag!


The True Wireless Earbuds from Kew Labs Tech feature a case that can be looped through your bag zipper or inner bag pocket. Perfect!


     b) The earbuds have a slim case profile

The earbuds are a great size to go unnoticed in your pocket.


  1. Functional Controls


The earbuds operate on a push button which offers extra-function in comparison to a touch button alternative.


The extra functions you get from our multi-buttons are skipping tracks and altering the volume. You can also take calls too. Handy, right?


  1. Sweatproof Rating. IPX4


Carry on listening to your favourite tunes though the earphones, evening when you’re sweating in the gym or out in the rain.


Keep an ear out to order! Launching soon, in time for Christmas and Black Friday. Keep an eye on our website for details…


Over and out!

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