With the recent launch of the K1 Speaker from Kew Labs, you’ll know that our speaker costs less than £40/$40. Bargain!


Just because the speaker is at the lower end of the budget though, does not mean that the K1 lacks lustre or quality.


In fact, the speaker is not only a great price, it is robust enough to carry around in your backpack in your daily life and especially on holiday, and  is great for sports activities both indoors and outdoors .


In truth, the K1 is one of the best speakers you can buy for less than £50/$50 in the technological market and here’s why.



Reason 1: High-quality sound


The main purpose of a speaker? To listen to your favourite music and radio stations with brilliant sound quality. And that is exactly what you get with the K1.


There is nothing more disappointing than speakers that sound ok at low volume and then get worse and muffled as you turn them up. In some cases, when you opt for a really cheap speaker that hasn’t been optimized for volume distortion at its highest, you may end up listening to unclear sound just when we need it to sound its best (i.e. when you’re in charge of the music at a party) .


Let us stress, the Kew Labs speaker offers excellent sound quality, yet you do not need a big budget to own a K1.


The bluetooth connection on the K1 spans 66ft with no impact on the connection or sound quality. The K1 offers a natural, 360 degree HD sound. Undoubtedly some of the best sound on the market at this price.


What are the loudest portable speakers?


The loudest portable speakers are those which combine a fairly high wattage of 20w+ with speaker efficiency. The K1 offers a strong, loud sound that does not compromise on quality.

Reason 2: Ultimate lightweight technology


The K1 has been designed with practicality in mind and its design has been adapted to be light, without compromising on quality. As a general rule, heavy speakers tend to produce better quality sound, so balancing that quality with portability was a crucial part of the K1 engineering process.

At around 400g, drop it in your rucksack or suitcase and you’ll barely even notice it is there!


Reason 3: IPX4 Water-resistance


A number of speakers are made to be completely waterproof at the expense of their aesthetics.


While it is useful to have the highest level of protection, most people either don’t need it everyday or don’t want to carry a chunky block of rubber around.  


The K1 Bluetooth Speaker is IPX4 water resistant which means there’s no need to panic if you get caught out in the rain or get it splashed around by the pool or near your shower.


While it isn’t recommended to take directly into the shower or completely soak in water, it is more than safe for the daily needs of most users.


What are the characteristics of a good speaker?


Water resistance, lightweight technology and excellent sound are all characteristics of a good speaker. A decent battery life is important too. The k1 offers 8-12 hours battery life.


The K1 not only includes these features, it is also stylish and available in four stand-out colours.

Tempted? Buy the K1 now from Amazon.

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