Luxury modern kitchen designs: Slim down countertops for thin-credible finishes

The trend of thin countertop design, particularly utilizing 12mm porcelain, encapsulates the essence of modern luxury kitchen designs. These slender, porcelain countertops embrace the “less is more” philosophy.


With their refined profiles, these 12mm porcelain surfaces confer a streamlined appearance to the kitchen and offer incredible thermal performance and  design matching potential with floors and facades.


Choose one of Kew Labs many approved porcelain partners (see below) to add wireless charging directly to any 8-12mm surface.

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Vanishing Appliances With Concealed Kitchen Cabinets

In small house modern kitchen design, the trend is leaning towards a cleaner, more streamlined aesthetic. Concealed kitchen cabinets and hidden appliances are gaining prominence in this drive towards minimalism.


Cabinets can be designed based on any style of kitchen finish you’re looking at to seamlessly blend into your kitchen’s aesthetic to ensure an uninterrupted, smooth finish.


Innovative Phone Charging Solutions – Wireless Phone Chargers

The luxury modern kitchen designs of 2023 aren’t merely about visuals—they’re about integrating technology seamlessly. Recognizing that kitchens now need more phone charging solutions than ever, Kew Labs Invisible wireless charging leads the market with its award-winning and trusted wireless cell phone chargers that are mounted directly under your kitchen countertops.

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The Magic of Invisible Cooktops

Invisible cooktops are becoming increasingly popular and create a seamless and clutter-free aesthetic. When not in use, they practically vanish, blending harmoniously with your countertop surface.


Installed at 12mm thick countertops, invisible cooktops perfectly compliment Kew Labs wireless charging allowing both to be installed with no routing leaving you with a touch of sophistication to your luxury modern kitchen.

Why Kew Labs?

At Kew Labs we do invisible wireless charging properly. What does that mean? 


We design, manufacturer and distribute our product. We’re wireless charging experts, not trading something we found on the internet. 


We are award winning in our products with the UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger rated Best Wireless Charger “Invisible Category” by WIRED magazine THREE years in a row. READ MORE


We are only charging solution working directly with the biggest brands in the surface industry to validate our technology making Kew Labs the only serious choice for invisible wireless phone charging in your modern kitchen design.

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Our Approved Countertop Partners

Kew Labs is the only charging solution tested and approved by the biggest names in the kitchen and surface industry with more and more partners joining. 


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