Intelligent power communication™ Technology explained

US patent No. 10,862,719
WHY DOES IPC™ Matter? Installation IPC™ Safety features

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without Intelligent Power


High power and low efficiency from inaccurate charging turns into heat energy and heats the phone.

Excess phone heating initiates slow charge safety protocol and causes lithium battery damage.

An overpowered, overworked charger can cause overheating.

Kew Labs Charger
with Intelligent Power


IPC allows the charger to communicate with phone’s firmware to enable reliable Fast Charge protocol.

Specialized hardware and IPC delivery method ensures efficient battery charging with less heat generated.

Smarter charging and stronger safety protocols prevent charger overheating.

what makes IPC™ Possible?

Custom Controller Chip

Designing the world’s first wireless charger with long-distance communication using standard controller chips found in the market wouldn’t have been possible because those chips were only intended for direct-contact Qi charging pads.


To do it properly and safely for long-distance charging, we couldn’t do what others had tried. We had to start from scratch.


Propriety Firmware

Our custom controller chip solution allows our engineers to build propriety firmware and performance features like our IPC™ technology alongside the industry safety standards of Qi wireless charging.


This allows us to create a new class of fit-for purpose long-distance Qi charging products rather than inefficiently forcing short range charging and communication solutions to work the same at long ranges. 

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