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Invisible Wireless Charging for Boats and Marine

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Installing a UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger on your own boat!

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Adding wireless charging on your boat can provide great functionality to the surfaces on your vessel whilst also improving safety. With space at a premium (in most boats) and the greater involvement of mobile phones in marine leisure, keeping a safe space for a wireless charger makes a lot of sense. It provides a greater aesthetic quality to your vessel as well protecting your phone from water damage within the connector which is usually the most common cause of phone damage today. 


DIY Installation Method 


  1.  Ensure the surface being installed under is watertight and flat as the UTS-1 is not waterproof. 
  2. The UTS-1 runs off a 12V 3A adapter so ensure your fuse box is capable of this. 
  3. Cut the adapter cable to create a red and black fuse pin and install into your fuse box.
  4. We recommend using a silicone non-slip pad for your phone to prevent being dislodged.
  • Note wireless charging performance is depend on the phone’s temperature so indoor / covered charging areas will perform better than exposed or sunny areas. 


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Wireless Charging for Super Yacht and Marine Residential

Kew Labs is fast becoming the new choice for interior and marine architects looking to bring the next generation of luxury design and phone charging functionality together. 


Previously integrated wireless chargers would need to be drilled through or installed at a 2-3mm thickness which is both risky and expensive to do in any yacht build or renovation

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Our generous 10-15mm charging distances for universal compatibility with all phones makes our units far more flexible to be installed throughout all areas of a vessel under any non-metallic surface. This makes it the perfect option for lounge areas, kitchen stone tops and living quarters to keep every room looking clean and luxurious. 


So far, our chargers have gone into small vessels all the way to 60m super yachts in multiple rooms. If your business specialises in marine interior design,  AV installations or joinery we recommend joining our business discount program to access our great discounts.  

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Download Dimensions and installation drawings

Advised routing installation method for all countertops, surfaces to ensure best results and compatibility 

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