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Innovated in our Labs, styled for your life 

Kew Labs is a design and manufacturing company concentrated on putting the best of electronics technology into beautiful functional products. 


We work on the simple belief that the products you buy should improve your lifestyle and not make it more complicated. Our mission is to make that happen through the careful selection and development of our products and technologies. 




Kew Labs is a mixture of manufactures, designers, engineers and marketers coming together to create a new way to enjoy electronics, but really, we are just a bunch of people who love gadgets and electronics.




Quality, performance and value are what drove us to make Kew Labs. So we combine our  decades of manufacturing experience with the latest developments of our technical labs ..(yes there are labs) to guarantee you that our products are ready for today and relevant for the future.

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Customer reviews

by GMC_Guy August 20, 2018

Definitely very pleased, would buy again!

Wasn't in the market for a bluetooth speaker, but, I am glad I bought this one. Haven't really compared to a lot of others directly, but there's no need to. This one sounds fantastic overall. It can be heard all over the house, is very loud, sounds great at all volumes, and is super simple to use.

by Judith Franks August 29, 2018

Great little speaker at a great price!

This Bluetooth speaker is easy to use, compact, and has great sound. I wanted something that I could pack into a carry-on bag and take anywhere. It stays connected to my iPhone throughout my 2600 sq. ft. house if I place the speaker in the center of the house. If I place the speaker in my guest room at one end of the house it loses connectivity approximately 100 feet away (through two walls). Outside I tested it at 130 feet and the sound was still loud & clear.

by The Hate Camel August 2, 2018

Great sound for value!

Purchased this after looking at much more expensive speakers. Glad I purchased this one! The sound quality is excellent for the value!

by Bill September 12, 2018

Exceptional Portable Bluetooth Speaker!

My wife bought this speaker for me as my 2014 Christmas present and this speaker is still working as a charm! My career requires me to travel a lot and sometimes I just want to spend a night in my hotel room to listen to classical musics to relief my stress and this speaker does a wonderful job for that purpose. This speaker comes in the small elegant box with only a small adapter and a charging stand. I turned it on and paired with my iphone immediately. It took only 10 seconds to paired my phone.

by GoAnguson June 25, 2018

100% Satisfied with the product!

The Bose SoundLink Mini really raises the bar in the high-end "mini" bluetooth speaker area, if not at least in sound quality then in build quality. There are several other speakers in this space, the two closest would probably be the Jawbone Jambox Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black Diamond - Retail Packaging, and the UE Boom Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black (980-000678).

by The Hate Camel August 2, 2018


I have used this speaker for a year in many different settings and under various conditions, so I am now ready for a verdict. I originally bought this to use in a warehouse where other drivers blast their speakers too loudly for me to hear my own.