Who We Are

Kew Labs is an Ohio based consumer electronics brand and subsidiary of the Hana Group. Working closely between our design and development teams in South Korea and the USA, we are concentrated on developing real innovations in wireless charging that are ready to use TODAY.


Our Story 

As we move towards a wireless world and smartphones become ever more woven into our daily life, almost every new flagship phone comes with wireless charging – but the aesthetic and experience of using a wireless charger is not a radical improvement upon simple plug in charging. These ‘wireless’ chargers have in actual fact left wires and pads in plain sight.


Why isn’t wireless charging already built in to tables, kitchens, desks? Why are most wireless chargers still pads sitting on bedside tables? We investigated, and found the technology wasn’t ready for long-distance charging – current Qi wireless chargers require substantial installation risk to desks and tables, drilling the tabletop within millimetres of the surface.

The few large retailers and cafes who have wireless chargers built in to chairs and tables do so at prohibitive expense, with specially designed furniture. The seamless invisible wireless charging experience has never been available in the home.


Looking into the few products which claimed to be ‘no-drilling’ long distance charging solutions, we found unsafe products that overheat the phone, are not reliable or robust and could damage phones and furniture. We saw a challenge, and an opportunity to make wireless chargers in the way we believed they should: there had to be a way to make this work. 

Our Process

We began working closely with our expert in-house design team based in Seoul, South Korea on a safer, better solution. After some effort, we made some technological breakthroughs and discovered and patented a new communication technology between the charger and mobile phone. This transforms the long distance performance our wireless chargers, allowing them to safely direct the Qi power through tabletops of the specified size, charging the phone without the risk of overheating. We call it intelligent power communication™ (IPC). Wireless charging, the way it should always have been.

Our Advantage


In developing and building this breakthrough technology, as part of the Hana Group, Kew Labs is able to use Hana’s global network of manufacturing facilities to oversee the entire process from design to delivery within our trusted organisation. We can therefore be fully dedicated to the safety, reliability and performance of our products.