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See why the UTS-1 Invisible wireless charger is a game changer for Linus Tech Tips & Bevelish Creations 

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No Visible Table Damage

Integrate an under-table wireless charger discreetly, preserving your table’s aesthetic appeal.

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Apple & Samsung Fast Charging

The only long distance Qi charger with comparable charging speeds to direct contact charging and MagSafe compatible. 

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Safe and Reliable Performance

Easy on phone battery and completely safe for your furniture.

Where do our wireless chargers go?

Architects & Designers FAQ and Specs


Portable Power

KPD10 – 10,000 MAH


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“The dream is being able to place your phone anywhere and it just charges. While that is a long way off, Kew Labs has announced the step in between with the UTS-1" - Forbes - full review

Introducing the UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger

The world’s first Qi charger with long distance communication.

Designed to safely provide fast charging performance for Apple and Samsung devices using Intelligent Power Communication™ (IPC) Technology.

US Patent No. 10,862,719

IPC™ Technology

Intelligent Power Communication™ (IPC) is Kew Lab’s patented communication system between the phone and the charger that powers the efficient charging performance and unique safety features of the UTS-1 charger:
Apple and Samsung Fast Charge Performance

IPC creates a stable connection, allowing UTS-1 to be a high powered wireless charger capable of both Apple and Samsung fast charge protocols without losing safety features

Pinpoint Charging Accuracy

Sending high power through material creates charging inefficiencies. Only IPC technology can solve this problem via its unique communication firmware that locates your phone’s distance and position and focuses the power transmission accordingly.

Easy On Your Battery Health

Inaccurate wireless charging in a hidden wireless charger can produce excess heat potentially reducing your battery’s life expectance. Our hardware design and IPC transmission efficiency means more phone charging with less phone heating.

Long Range MagSafe Compatibility

iPhone 12 saw the introduction of magnets through the MagSafe system. Apple’s new system requires extensive phone to charger communication to regulate temperature and efficiency which is why IPC allows the UTS-1 to work with MagSafe better than it’s competitors without any kind of long range communication technology.

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Quick and Easy Installation

Install the charger in a matter of minutes with the tapes or screws provided.
  • works through wood, granite, quartz, glass, plastic (non-metallic surfaces)
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Every feature of the UTS-1 is designed with safety and heat management in mind. No corners were cut in making our charger completely safe for both your phone, your furniture and your surroundings.
Click below to learn more about the hardware and safety features packed into our chargers.

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The Kew Labs Difference

  • Developed and manufactured in-house
  • Expert Korean wireless power design team
  • Patented technologies
  • Dedicated to safety and reliability

Other Features

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Silent Operation

Fan-less design for completely silent operation.

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Double Up Option

Daisy chain connection allows two chargers to be connected with one adaptor*

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Universal Compatibility

Compatible with all Qi enabled phones under Qi safety protocols and Apple MagSafe

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Slim Design

Compact design keeps the UTS-1 discreet and hidden.

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One Year Warranty

Kew Labs is dedicated to quality and offer a 1 year warranty on all UST-1 chargers.

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Audio Calibration Assistance

Audio signal during calibration setup ensures your phone is perfectly aligned for efficient charging.

Tech Specs


  • Apple 7.5W / Samsung 9W fast charge
  • Input – 12V 3A DC power adaptor
  • Output – 20W
  • Charging distance 8-12mm (0.31″- 0.5″)


  • Foreign object detection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Auto shut-down when fully charged
  • Wire clips to secure wires


  • Charger – 182mm x 112mm x 20mm
  • Box – 216mm x 142mm x 60mm
  • Cable length – 1.5m
  • Weight – 450 g